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Attention Runners! Here’s The Best Way to Fix Your IT Band Issues. And, No, It Doesn't Require A Foam Roller.

I’ve got good news! You can finally put down your foam roller. There’s mounting evidence emerging that strengthening your hips is actually the best way to treat Iliotibial Band Syndrome. But how do you strengthen your hips you ask? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. But first, let's briefly discuss what the IT Band is and why it CAN’T be fixed with a foam roller.

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The 3 Most Common CrossFit Injuries And How Physical Therapy Can Help Them. Spoiler Alert! It’s The Shoulder, Low Back And Knee.

Let me start by saying that I'm not against CrossFit. Like any other sport, CrossFit can be dangerous. But it’s your job as a athlete to balance those risks with the personal reward of participating in the sport. If you’re educated about your movement patterns and seek proper coaching to help guide you, you’ll have a strong chance of participating without injury. To me, this is no different than any other sport, like running or triathlon.

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New Study Finds Physical Therapy Is Best Treatment For Knee Pain.

Struggling with knee pain? We’ve got good news. Physical therapy can help. Here’s a recent article that examines different treatment options for conquering knee pain. The article examined 86,000 patients who sought medical care for the diagnosis. In general, researchers found that patients had a total of eight different treatment options for helping with their pain. These eight options included things like injections, medication, steroids, etc. Guess what made the top of list? Physical therapy. Yep. The article concludes that physical therapy is the best treatment for those dealing with knee pain caused by mild to moderate arthritis. Things like opioids, acetaminophen and steroid injections were found to be ineffective treatments.

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